Prime-Connections: Combining Business with Pleasure

Professional development is a great activity that spurs action. Often employees sit for long hours attempting to absorb best practices presented by key leaders. Participants leave with a full to-do list, promising to incorporate these nuggets into daily practices on the job site.

Making prime-connections through networking, connecting to the topic of the day, and planning for implementation is all well and good. At an all-day conference, the mascot from the Rochester Red Wings baseball team named Spikes, reminded me of how to spice up this long day of learning. Laugh, have some fun, joke around a bit! Do something crazy! Release creativity by letting all those brain chemicals connect with one another through laughter. Allow the prime-connections of ideas and learning strategies to morph into implementation through the sheer joy of silliness. Relax, let those innovative ideas flow. Inspiration beats perspiration any day!


Making Priime-Connections with Spikes, Rochester Red Wings baseball mascot.

Making Prime-Connections with Spikes, Rochester Red Wings baseball mascot.