Making Prime-Connections with Your Inner Child

Creating Prime-Connections with Your ‘Inner Child’

Movie Time! Hilarious!

Feeling stressed? Overloaded? Just plain stuck in a rut?

Recently, I made a career choice to leave a work environment that no longer served me-to embrace self-care and self-discovery. As a prime Type A personality, I have achieved much: a happy, long-term marriage, a successful son, a terminal degree in education from which I have educated over 1,000 global graduates to date and have helped thousands on their personal journeys to fulfillment. All these experiences were awesome! Most recently, as also having a healthcare background, I was primary caregiver and executor of my parents’ estate. Whereas I don’t regret one instant of any of these milestones, I found that my project management was based more on others. My personal health, well-being and dreams were deferred to later, always someday. So, I took the plunge and resigned without a plan! Wow, as a self-described project manager, this choice was like jumping off a cliff without a lifeline. However, I began to use the same encouragement that I coached others with on myself during their times of transition. As such, my prime-connection with the Universe would surely sustain and prosper me. Surely my well-loved prime-connections with those in my inner circle and those in the periphery would support me. Indeed, I have done some reflective ‘gardening’ – planting, pruning and weeding of many of these prime-connections  of people places and things, I have found this concept to be true.

This time, I am not forging ahead at warp speed. Rather, I am waiting for revelation to come to me.

I am training myself to be more focused, more purposeful.

Purging out the old and embracing my current status.

Truth of the matter is that I have been in this place before, but not with this same peace and not with the pace. I have known my next steps for at least a decade, but the timing was off; the pathway was not clear. Unbeknownst to me, I used that knowledge to prepare. I found certain characteristics of jobs and activities that brought me great joy. I read books and attended lectures that I have now discovered are paramount for future endeavors.

As I wait for total engagement of the next leg of my journey, purposefully creating prime-connections with my ‘inner child’ eases the stress of seemingly standing still in real time. Sitting still was never was a trait of my adulthood. But in my childhood – especially during the summer months, I was known to read a book for hours, ride my bike endlessly, laugh, enjoy being outdoors, camp, engage fully in group activities, and could mindfully just kick back and just breathe. I am now revisiting the phenomenon of time spent differently. Exercising, meditating, reading, sitting on the deck, reading, and learning in a multitude of ways are now more frequent practices. Going to animated films at the movie theater, blowing bubbles, creating fun events, and just plain being silly has become sound methods of self-care and inspiration.

Don’t wait until there is a juncture in the road that dictates your fate.

Take a few moments, breathe and reflect on the impact making prime-connections with your inner child just might make your journey more meaningful!